Cl-One Energy Drink for Smarter People

Rarely Asked Questions (RAQ)


Q. So what’s inside this unique graphical, harmonising, resonating, ancient/modern, carefully calculated mathematical piece of art, the Can?

A. Ah yes…the Ingredients: Art and Science coming together; expertly formulated and passionately packaged in our  supervised and inspected facilities.


Q. How was the graphic design for CL-ONE…. Energy Drink For Smarter People conceived?

A. The unique design of the CL-ONE CAN was inspired by a great of things but primarily a snowflake and then laid out on an ancient mathematical template (dating back to 4000 BC). The unique design does not borrow or steal from any other design and certainly does not steal or borrow (like some others do) from the world famous ‘Kleenex Design’ which was trademarked in 1928. The Unique Can Design is more that just a visual sense -’it can be heard’; it arouses the senses like no other. It was designed with a deep knowledge (of synesthesia) in sensory phenomenon to compliment the smell, the taste of CL-ONE. However, the complete answer to this question will soon be revealed in a upcoming book ‘The Music of the Can’ and will be available on our website and Smarter books stores.


Q. Is it true Fibonacci designed your Corporate Logo despite the fact that this dude has been dead since the year 1250?

A. Well, phinary speaking, we just played with Fibonacci’s Balls’ theguy  in ‘The DaVinci Code’ with the 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21  sequence and just keep adding the last two together and so on and on and on and on  and then arranged them in an equiangular or logarithimic spiral*, after that we just ‘colored-them-in’ and VOILA!…..The ‘CL-ONE CORPORATION’ Logo was created. So we have to give Fib some of the credits. We use to have another logo but some cry-babies did not like it, and they started a fight with us so we changed it. We prefer the New Logo anyway. This very powerful logo will be synomymous with WORLD DOMINATION™ of the energy drink market. (All-in-good-time). The formula for the Logo employs the same basis as the formula for the can graphics. The same formula is employed in the Great Pyramids, The Parthenon, Throughout the Cosmos and even Wall Street traders use it. I think some of them might be using it the wrong way though.


Q. Why do you think smarter people switch to CL-ONE once they try CL-ONE?

A. Well, you sort of just answered that one yourself. Why don’t you just try CL-ONE and then you can find out for yourself.


Q. Have any Animals been used in the testing of CL-ONE ?

A. Only PARTY ANiMALS with extremely favorable/flavourable results.


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